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Cee Vee Vending Inc can provide all of your vending, coffee service and employee foodservice needs; from a complete office beverage service to a full line vending and food service. From our box lunch selections, to a complete catering service, to cafeteria management.

Currently have fresh food vending? Contact us for comparison of our products and services and receive a free lunch for 4 people.

Full Line Vending Services

An account representative will discuss your vending and food service requirements with you to determine which program will best suit your needs.

We will provide food samples of our commissary prepared breakfast items, sandwiches, dinner platters and desserts. Our food products will include many non-traditional vending items as well as items from our "Wise Choice" menu.

A written proposal will be submitted that will outline the equipment, services, selling prices of our products and financial arrangements.

All new equipment will be ordered specifically for your location and will take into account the décor of your cafeteria or break area.

Our food samples, professional evaluation and recommendations are always provided for your current or future consideration

Catering Services

From a catered employee lunch; to an employee picnic; or just providing, hot beverages, juices and assorted pastries for your meetings.  We can provide all of your catering needs.

Special event catering? No problem, simply contact our Chef and Food Service Director Geno Gulotta and let us tailor a menu to meet your needs. Contact us at (800) 826-3961 or email us at sales@ceeveevend.com.

Office Coffee Service

We will have a qualified account representative review your beverage requirements.

We will place a commercial-grade brewer or brewers at your facility, provide and maintain them at no charge.

Our account representative will visit you on a scheduled basis to deliver products, clean your brewers, exchange coffee pots, and provide samples of new products.

With your approval we will maintain desired inventory levels to ensure that products are always available.
We are authorized distributors for Ellis coffees, Sara Lee coffees, Green Mountain coffees and Starbucks coffees. We are an authorized Keurig distributor and carry a complete line of K-cups. Additionally we distribute all national brands of coffees. We carry flavored coffees as well as regular and specialty teas.    

We carry a complete line of creamers, sugars, hot chocolate, and paper products, all at competitive prices.

We can provide your cold beverage needs with a complete line of Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, and 7 up products, delivered.

Cafeteria Management

In 2008, we partnered with a cafeteria management company. This partnership enables us to provide your complete vending and food service needs.

Contact sales@ceeveevending.com for more information and references regarding this service.